La' Sen

Welcome to La Sen: Vietnamese Cuisine…With a California Twist. Imagine relaxing in a beautiful, tranquil neighborhood dining spot and immediately being whisked away to the lush, fertile shores of Asia…where all the delightful delicacies of Vietnamese culture come together in expertly prepared dishes that you’ll remember for years to come. If you’ve never experienced a dining foray like this, you’ve never joined us at La Sen.

Located within the Fremont Hub Courtyard, La Sen has become a Fremont eating institution amongst the legion of our devoted fans. Since the day we opened our doors to a demographic looking for something a little different from their lunch and dinner, our restaurant has indeed become a neighborhood favorite, fusing elements of authentic Vietnamese cuisine with genuine hospitality and expert service. Inside our kitchen you’ll find our master chefs hard at work crafting lip-smacking Pan-Asian culinary delights from scratch – absolutely no pre-made food is served at La Sen nor do we attempt to imitate Vietnamese cooking styles like many other restaurants do. Here, it’s fresh, genuine Vietnamese dishes all day, all the time.

More About Us!

From the moment you enter our inviting mystical garden-like façade with the pale yellow paint set against bold, blue contrasting awnings you’ll find yourself heavily anticipating the experience within. Indeed, step inside La Sen, make yourself comfortable, and prepare to sample such awe-inspiring items as Bun Bo Hue spicy beef noodle soup, our unique take on the Spring Roll, Pho rice noodle soup and Com rice plates as well as excellent appetizers like Cha Gio (our take on the seminal Egg Roll) and Goi Du Du (papaya salad). We even offer a special twist on these appetizers with our egg roll wrapped around whole shrimp.

With Pho broth that’s clear and tasty, bursting with deep, rich flavors and garnishes that are overtly fresh with greens served with their stems in water, La Sen has become the consummate Vietnamese eating experience in Fremont. Meaning “Lotus Leaf” in Vietnamese, La Sen is a unique culinary staple in Fremont boasting a clean interior aesthetic and a delightful outside patio area for al fresco dining. We welcome you to explore the La Sen experience for yourself!